Email Design
I've worked with Constant Contact and MailChimp to produce both email and eNewsletters. I can create anything from sales promotions with coupons to a standard monthly eNewsletter. 
Logo Development
Branding creates a unique identity – one that will resonate with and attract the desired clientele. This is where I come in. It is my top priority to ensure I fully understand who your business is, what it represents, and the image you want convey. My approach is to imagine myself as your ideal client and project an image that will make them feel invited and special. View a few examples of logos I have designed here .  Contact me to set up a consultation for your branding.
Social Media Design  

I create social media packages that include cover images, icons, as well as social media graphic posts that are custom branded to your business.
Design for Print
My experience and knowledge ensure your files are designed perfectly for printer specs (both offset and digital). I am also familiar with producing pieces that transfer over well to online.   Contact me to request a link to my extensive portfolio and view the visions I brought to life.
Complete Branding Package  

I create branding packages that include a branding guide which states font selections, color breakdowns, graphic elements, patterns, and photo filters to be used specifically for your marketing materials.  This establishes guidelines to ensure your business's brand is clearly represented with every marketing piece.